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            Cyber Sytes Inc - Panama City Beach Web Design 爱心彩票开户网址Cyber Sytes Inc - Panama City Beach Web Design 爱心彩票开户网址


            We Help You Rank Higher on Search Engines.

            Search Engine Optimization

            Does your business show up at the top of the search results in Google, Bing, and Yahoo! for people conducting online research and making buying decisions? Typically, the businesses you find higher in the listings have tailored their webpages using a process called Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

            Whether you have an existing website or are planning a new site, our SEO services will make sure your pages are setup just the way the search engines like them. We can also help you develop new content and get your business listed in popular directories like Google Maps, Bing Places, and Yelp. We have been optimizing websites for over 20 years and have the knowledge and experience to deliver great results for your business.

            SEO Plans

            Lite Standard Advanced
            Content Optimization Quarterly Monthly Monthly
            Content Recommendations No No Yes
            Google Monitoring Quarterly Monthly Monthly
            Bing Monitoring Yearly Quarterly Quarterly
            Penalty Removal No Yes Yes
            Emailed SEO Report Quarterly Quarterly Monthly
            Scope Monitoring / Maintenance Local / Small Sites Regional / Large Sites
            Cost $190 / Quarter $360 / Month $550 / Month

            Initial Search Engine Optimization

            Initial SEO is included for all new or re-designed websites. With Initial SEO, we:

            1. Install and configure SEO software (WordPress sites).
            2. Enter site-wide SEO settings and preferences.
            3. Optimize up to 10 pages or posts.
            4. Submit an XML sitemap (list of pages) to Google, Bing/Yahoo!, and top directories.
            5. Validate and setup the site in Google Search Console.

            NOTE: Google does not use words in keyword lists (Keyword META tags) or search engine descriptions (Description META tags) for ranking purposes. Google gets keywords for your site from other places including page titles, page headings, page text, the alternate text for images, and in navigation links.

            SEO Standard / Advanced

            The Standard and Advanced SEO plans scale to fit your site and budget needs. Both Standard and Advanced plans include customized SEO activities and a progress report. Activities may include on-site optimization, content recommendations, keyword and competition analysis, Local SEO, Google penalty removal, and much more. The programs are very flexible because what constitutes “optimization” is an ever changing target.  For small sites, or sites with only a local target audience, the Standard plan is a perfect fit.  Larger sites, or sites with regional audiences are better optimized with the Advanced plan.  Need an international reach or a more comprehensive SEO solution?  Contact your account representative for a custom tailored solution.

            SEO Lite

            This popular program provides basic monitoring, submission and optimization every three months. For smaller websites in less competitive markets, this may be all you need for top rankings. For larger websites, this is a good program for monitoring search engine performance after an Advanced or Standard SEO project is complete.

            Activities vary by quarter and may include:

            Every three months, you’ll receive a report showing what Search Engine Optimization was completed that quarter, Google stats for the past 90 days, and a Google Top Queries report. Bing/Yahoo! Top Queries are also available for an additional fee. Cancel at any time.

            Contact us at 850-233-5514 or [email protected] for rate information and to signup.

            Because we do not own the search engines and directories, we have no direct control how fast your pages are listed, where your site will rank for specific queries, or when a site might drop you–that is up to the search engines. But, we do offer ways to help your site get listed faster and rank better. For answers to questions such as “How much SEO does my site need?” and “How long does it take to see results from SEO?”, visit our SEO FAQ page.